Hey thanks peter for reply..i must tell that these all parts say 15000 will be composite structural memebers in case of ship application.

i doubt if Composite ACP pre is suitable for such big assembly?

it looks to me slow process in ACP in defining plies and create laminate(sandwhich panel)?

what your views, is it possible to such big assemby in ACP Pre?


i also have one simple approach, instead dong detail material applying  procedure to these 15000 parts by assigning indiviually plies and than make stack & finally composite part, i can use equivalent thickness and inertia approach to get equivalent required quality wiithout going in ACP by doing orientation of plies and stack stuff...but i am not sure hw good wil be than resultant stressess(my target results)??


Also  just want be sure that for composite, we can judge stress by von mises or not? i am just interested in yield point of composite assembly.