Chris Quan
Ansys Employee

Yes, you can output the results from Autodyn GUI to the print file: ident.prt. 

In Output on the left navigation bar of Autodyn GUI, you need to click on Print, then change its Type to Grid Data, select the Cycle/Time for the print frequency, and finally click on Grid Variables to select the variables to print.

Then you need to save the model and run it. During the model solving, Autodyn will print the selected results to the ident.prt file automatically according to the print frequency specified in Print.

You can also specify the Print Range and the Print Order via Parts -> Select the part -> Print. Print Order decides the order of IJK index when printing the results.

This feature is only available to IJK-based mesh such as Eulerian mesh, SPH particles, and the Lagrange mesh that is created inside Autodyn GUI using IJK index. It is not available to the unstructed Lagrange mesh converted from IJK-based mesh or the mesh transferred from Explicit Dynamics system. 

Furthermore, this feature is only available in Autodyn Component System or Standalone Autodyn. It is not avalable in Explicit Dynamics system.