I made the path changes.  Everything looked good on the golden image.  When we deployed out the image, I logged on to the system and opened up a new VM.  The path changes where not retained on the VM.  I am still getting the same error.

I tried installing Ironpython 2.7 on the VM and that worked.  Ansys started.....  

I was excited so I installed Ironpython 2.7 on the golden image.  Once we redeployed again, I was back to square one.  Same error as before.  Even though Ansys is installed directly on the Golden Image, I have a feeling that our App Volumes is playing a part in this error.

So, since the fall semester is about to begin, I am giving up for now.  The students will have Ansys on the physical machines, but will not have it on our VDI system.  

I may play with it more latter in the semester and the Christmas break.

Thank you for all your assistance.