Dear Chandra,

Thank you for your attention and help. I needed a few days to work on the problem using your comments.

I have a few more questions and would appreciate any help that you can provide.

The conditional statement simply ignores the EKILL command. In the standard output, there is no EKILL command. I can see just the first and the third lines of the statement. I have no idea why this is happening. In other coding languages, I usually check if the defined logical expression (*IF, TIME, GE,50,THEN) allows compiling the statement by asking the algorithm to print a string like “Checked” in the output. Is there any command in APDL that can let me print something in the output?


Using the ESEL command, I could create a table containing all elements that have high strain values only after the solution is completed, i.e., after the /POST command, which comes after the /SOLU command. However, I want to do this after each time step. So, I expect the solver solves one time step, creates the mentioned table, applies the required functions to the selected elements in the table, and then by considering these modifications, goes to the next time step. This process should be repeated till the simulation is completed (all time steps are converged). I think we shouldn’t create the mentioned table in the /POST section because when we enter this section the simulation is already completed while we need to do this after each time steps. Should I do this in the /SOLU section using a do loop? How can we get the solution information for each time steps in this section?

Is there any section in the APDL documentation or the ANSYS customer portal that I can use to learn how to write such a script? I have an ANSYS customer portal account so please let me know if I need to ask this question there.

Many thanks in advance.