I check that C_UDMI(c,tc,6),C_UDMI(c,tc,7),C_UDMI(c,tc,8) have certain value. They are obtained as follows:

area_face = NV_MAG(area);
r1 = r-5*film_thickness;
angle = acos(pos[0]/r);
x_inj = r1*cos(angle); //C_UDMI(c,tc,6)
y_inj = r1*sin(angle);//C_UDMI(c,tc,7)
z_inj = pos[2];//C_UDMI(c,tc,8)

C_UDMI(c,tc,5) is obtained from an entrainment correlation that contains small values, but not zero.[0.00000020-00000140 kg/s along z direction]

The droplet has zero values in the x, and y directions. So,  C_UDMI(c,tc,9), C_UDMI(c,tc,10) have zero value ,but C_UDMI(c,tc,11) has a value close to air velocity.[z direction]

p_diam is a fixed value defined earlier which is 4.593E-5 m according to a correlation.

Do you think any UDM contains illogical values? If you need more info to comment on, please let me know.