I'm running version 2021 R1.1 (on a remote server managed by IT, so I can't make updates on my side).

I can't run run scripts inside the CAD : I get the following error "Error constructing proxy for org.gnome.Terminal:/org/gnome/Terminal/Factory0: Error spawning command line “dbus-launch --autolaunch=6115d180364a4337941a54349eb1e04f --binary-syntax --close-stderr”: Child process exited with code 1" when I try to run any Python script from within the CAD . That is why I'm directly using a Python interpreter from the command line. I could verify the hang using the interpreter included with Lumerical files, as well as another one installed with Anaconda. (Sidenote : I didn't really investigate this problem with the CAD and Python, as I was able to use the API from outside, and using it from outside intergated better with my workflow)

The code I'm ruuning is :

>>> import lumapi

>>> fdtd = lumapi.FDTD() #Hit CTRL-C while this line is running


If I follow this procedure, then all following invocations of the lumapi.FDTD() function in a Python script will hang endlessly, even if I kill all processes under my username. I had to ask IT to reboot the server to be able to use the API again.