Lito Yap
Ansys Employee

If you have more than 1 FDTD GUI license, try to run the script below from the Lumerical FDTD CAD/GUI, script editor. Where you have the API configured to "Use Python provided by Lumerical" and integration status as "active". 

import lumapi
fdtd = lumapi.FDTD()

If you have only 1 GUI license for each Lumerical product/solver, i.e. 1xFDTD and 1MODE, open the MODE CAD/GUI and run the script above that opens and runs the FDTD GUI.

Otherwise, If you want to run the API from the terminal/outside of the Lumerical CAD/GUI, see this KB guide for details on setting up your Linux shell/environment. 


* Answers to common installation and licensing issues can be found in the Lumerical Troubleshooting and FAQ.