Imtiaz Gandikota
Ansys Employee


Since ls-dyna job did not run due to license problem, there is no binout file. Hence the second error. 

How are you running ls-dyna jobs? Locally (ls-dyna.exe i= input.k) or using some scripts to submit the run to cluster? If you can run ls-dyna locally, please make sure license environment variables are set correctly. These are,

setenv LSTC_LICENSE network


You can also write a script, as shown below, and use this script in the place of solver command in the stage. 


export LSTC_LICENSE=network


/path/ls-dyna_solver i= DynaOpt.inp

If you are submitting to a cluster, use your ls-dyna job submitted script in the place of solver command and make sure you have “queuing” set to “simple” under remote options. 

A sample command could be,

qsub ../../

../../ above is used to read the script located in working directory i.e. two levels up from job directory.