I will try it tomorrow, now I don’t have access to the files. However for the moment I can say that that is a behaviour that has replicated itself across more than 20 runs, disregarding the mesh, the freestream values and even the solver used (tried with both pressure based and density based).


Moreover today I have tried for the first time to reproduce the same kind of plot with an open source software, exporting the solution data of a case affected by the problem in the Ensight gold format, and they are displayed correctly and qualitatively in line with the expected physics. I honestly don’t know the details of the implementations, but I have tried two approaches:

1. Construct the Wall Shear vector from the exported field values of x_wall_shear,…,z_wall_shear, and plotted the “streamlines” following that vector field, constricted at the surface.
2. Plotted a Line Integral Convolution of the Wall Shear vector field (computed in the same way as point 1).

Both the approaches works. This should rule out a problem in the solver, do you agree?