Imtiaz Gandikota
Ansys Employee

I don't think you need a script for LSPP. Since you're already running ls-opt process on the cluster using a script, run LSPP on the same node as LS-OPT. To run on same node, instead of using a script, in LSPP stage solver command, enter below line. 


LS-OPT will automatically add "-nographics c= LsPrepostOpt.inp" to above command so you don't have to define it again. After running baseline run, check job_log.solver in 1.1 directory of LSPP stage. If you still get the same error, try below command in solver command section of LSPP, 

/sw/hprc/sw/LS-PREPOST/4.8.9/lsprepost4.8_common/lsprepost runc= LsPrepostOpt.inp

Note that after replacing parameter values, ls-opt copies cfile as LsPrepostOpt.inp so this is the input file for LSPP command.