Imtiaz Gandikota
Ansys Employee

"We know that cfile can only create elements and nodes to kfile." - this is incorrect. A cfile is an LSPP command file and it allows you to perform most of LSPP operations in batch model. All the steps performed through LSPP GUI are recorded as commands in cfile. It can be generating a part, drawing lines/curves, postprocessing results, or a series of steps.

"We were thinking that we might be able to create a part with the steps from adding lines to make a solid part via cfile, and adding script to main.k to do the remaining process. Thus, we made a part in LSPP to see what scipts would be in kfile. Yet, we found there is only the info about element_shell and nodes, which is different from our expectation."

As long as cfile has all the steps , starting from adding lines, etc, it should be able to create a part. I don't understand what you mean by adding a script to main.k.

After creating the part and saving the operation in cfile, what error did you get when you ran this cfile in batch mode? You can also open this cfile in LSPP GUI (open > command file > start). Depending on where this process stops, you can identify where the problem lies in the cfile.