I have pasted a snippet of what the erorr looks like from within SiWave at the bottom of this reply. I have blocked out my computer and host name. Additionally, I have pasted the log it is pointing to below. I have redacted my user name and host computer name. The one thing that seems out of place to me is where it states "2022/10/03 10:37:27    INFO                ANSYSLI_PRODORD_FILE=COULD NOT BE FOUND!". Is that potentially my issue? 

*Start of Log file*
-------------------------------------------- NORMAL STARTUP 2022/10/03 10:37:27 ---------------------------------------------
Ansys Licensing Interconnect version 2022.2.0 (20220502) for winx64.  Updated at Ansys Release 2022 R2.  Started on 2022/10/03 10:37:27 by @:winx64 with pid 17560.
(C) 2022 ANSYS, Inc.  Unauthorized use, distribution, or duplication is prohibited.
Built Using FlexNet Publisher v11.16.4.0 build 252457 x64_n6
Built Using OpenSSL 1.1.1n  15 Mar 2022
Please note that entries in this debug log have the following format:
TIMESTAMP              ACTION              FEATURE                    REVISION (BUILD DATE)             A/B/C/D                 W/X/Y/Z   PID:MPID:APP:USER@HOST:PLATFORM:DISPLAY                                    SOCKET:IP           
Licenses statistics:
A is the number of licenses requested by this ACTION.
B is the number of licenses used by this USER.
C is the number of licenses used by all users.
D is the number of licenses available in the local license pool.
License server performance statistics:
W is the number of currently connected client applications.
X is the maximum number of connected client applications.
Y is the unique serial number of this client application.
Z is the number of all client applications served by this Licensing Interconnect server.
2022/10/03 10:37:27    INFO                ANSYSLI_CMD=C:\Program Files\AnsysEM\v222\Win64\licensingclient\winx64\ansyscl.exe -acl 15192.32727 -nodaemon -log C:\Users\\AppData\Local\Temp\.ansys\ansyscl..15192.32727.log
2022/10/03 10:37:27    INFO                ANSYSLI_INITIALIZATION_FILE='C:\Program Files\AnsysEM\Shared Files\Licensing\ansyslmd.ini'
2022/10/03 10:37:27    INFO                ANSYSLI_PRODORD_FILE=COULD NOT BE FOUND!
2022/10/03 10:37:27    INFO                ANSYSLI_TIMEOUT_FLEXLM=15
2022/10/03 10:37:27    INFO                Configuring ACL Core
2022/10/03 10:37:27    INFO                ACL Core Initialized
2022/10/03 10:37:27    INFO                ANSYSCL_PORT=51980 
2022/10/03 10:37:27    INFO                Listen Socket Created
2022/10/03 10:37:27    INFO                ANSYSLI_CLIENT_IDLE_TIMEOUT=0
2022/10/03 10:37:27    INFO                ANSYSCL_FNP_PATH=1055@linflex4
2022/10/03 10:37:27    INFO                Ready to accept connections.
2022/10/03 10:37:27    INFO                ANSYSLI_IP_OVERRIDE option is off.
2022/10/03 10:37:28    CLIENT_ACCEPT                                                                                            1/1/1/1                                                                              7408:      
2022/10/03 10:37:28    CLIENT_CONNECT                                                                                           1/1/1/1   15192:15192:SIWAVE.EXE:@:winx64             7408:      
2022/10/03 10:37:28    CHECKOUT            electronics3d_gui               22.2 (2022.0502)            1/1/1/10                 1/1/1/1   15192:15192:SIWAVE.EXE:@:winx64             7408:      
2022/10/03 10:37:28    CHECKOUT            FEAT_ELECTRONICS3D_GUI          22.2 (2022.0502)             1/1/1/1                 1/1/1/1   15192:15192:SIWAVE.EXE:@:winx64             7408:      

End of Log file

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