Hi Rahul,


Thank you so much for your prompt reply. Yes, I export the System Coupling file via the Workbench. There are three folders generated, namely, “Fluent_2”,”Mechanical_1” and “SyC” (as shown in the following picture).

In the folder of “Mechanical_1”, there are “Mechanical.dat” and “Mechanical.scp” files exist. The problem is when I start to run the System Coupling, the “myCommands.dat” mentioned in the following picture does not generate.

The following is what I thought:

I am running a FSI modeling in a vessel. To make the simulation become stable, I choose to run the FSI in a higher materials property (Young’s Modulus) and restart with a low Young’s modulus after the simulation become stabled. In the new released version, I found that I can use additional Restart Input File (a modified myCommands.dat?) to replace the original auto-generate restart script (myCommands.dat) and use it for the restarted run. Is this right? Do you have any suggestions or advice for realizing this?


Thanks so much for your time,