Masataka Nakamura

The 'Waiting for services' status indicates that an attempt is being made to launch a virtual machine. If the resource has this status for an exceedingly long time, follow the steps below.


  1. In the resource tile, click the drop-down and select Settings.

  2. Note information about the instance, such as the Hostname and Private IP address.

  3. Report the issue to your tenant administrator, and provide the instance information. The tenant administrator can log in to the AWS console, locate the instance, and check for any reported errors to determine whether the instance has failed or may still launch successfully.

  4. In most cases, you will need to delete the resource and create a new one.

Note:  A resource that is in the Running state incurs charges, even when it is unresponsive. To avoid unnecessary charges, make sure that you stop or delete the resource.