Ansys Employee

You're welcome.  

Re the other commands, I can't cover everything on here, it's too detailed for the open forum. All commands (to a certain level) are listed in the TUI manual.

Now, contours v objects. When you save "contour-1" it becomes an object, so you're already using them. Several mesh/contour/vector objects can then be combined into a Scene, which then creates a Scene object. You can display that scene object, and in 2022Rx these objects can also contain a camera angle. 

Setting rulers, objects etc can be done via the TUI, but I recommend doing these via the GUI. I've done it all via the TUI, and 1500 lines of journal aren't for the inexperienced, or the experienced for that matter: they're a pain to debug. 

Not sure what the maximum number of windows is, there may be a limit somewhere in the code but I've never hit it. However, if you display & save image, display & save image you only really need one display window.