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Thanks for your reply Peter.
I thought that the Response Spectrum analysis did something similar to the vibration tables used in seismic tests, that is, move the base with a specific acceleration for each frequency. So, in this case, although what is being analyzed does not have frequency modes in that frequency range, it has suffered the input acceleration, only its result has not increased because it does not have vibration modes that coincide with those frequency ranges.
So, what Ansys does for the response spectrum analysis is to choose from the entered spectrum only the acceleration values ​​that correspond to a vibration mode and perform the calculations with those values? Imagine that I have a model with four resonance frequencies of 3, 10, 22, and 200 Hz, and a spectrum that has acceleration values ​​for those frequencies of 12, 4, 2, and 0 m/s^2, respectively. Ansys only does the calculations with the first three frequencies and ignores the others, those that are outside the acceleration range?