Aleksey Gerasimov

Hello Diogo,

It is still not clear what kind of problem you are trying to solve. I appreciate that the use of the dedicated fuel-cell modules might not be justified if you are not modelling fuel cells. 

Please consider taking an advantage of the simple Potential model. It might be sufficient if you are modelling a single potential. However, typically, fuel cells and electrolyzers with membrane require a solution of two potential equations: one for protonic transfer and another one for the electronic potential. 

We cannot elaborate deeper on the exact implementation details due for IP reasons, but when it comes to overpotentials, I can only say that you can use the value of potential from a previous iteration.

My recommendation would be to have a clear set of equations that you are planning to solve and then you might need to use certain submodels and assumptions in order to close the set and solve them. 

Please also note that a dual-potential PEM water electrolysis model is available in 2022R2 as a beta feature, you can activate beta features to see it under the Potentail model in the Tree.

Hope this helps, Aleksey.