Imtiaz Gandikota
Ansys Employee

Try option 2 using a newer version (v4.9) or newer build of 4.8 (4.8.22 is latest). 

Is the command correct? Why are you calling 'lsprepost' instead of 'lspp48' script located in /sw/hprc/sw/LS-PREPOST/4.8.9/lsprepost4.8_common? Try below command. Make sure "DN" variable in 'lspp48' script points to correct installation path.

/sw/hprc/sw/LS-PREPOST/4.8.9/lsprepost4.8_common/lspp48 runc=

Next try mesa version, 

/sw/hprc/sw/LS-PREPOST/4.8.9/lsprepost4.8_common/lspp48_mesa runc=

If these don't help, I will have to check with LSPP experts.