David Mercier
Ansys Employee

It is a step by step approach in EduPack when you want to make a multi-criteria material selection, based on attributes or properties specific to a database. You have first to apply limits (Female literacy...) on the 'Nations of the World" database as a first step, and save the results into a favorite list.Then redo a material selection step using "MaterialUniverse" and select in tree step only favorites nations, which were foudn in the 1st step. It is not a smooth and obvious material selection, but it is the same appraoch as when you want select only materials that you can process with a specific process family for example. It can be done only manually in EduPack and using other tools like Granta MI with python can help to do that, especially in research or advanced iundustrial projects:https://www.ansys.com/products/materials