Emirhan Yiğit

Thank you for your reply,

The stress data I have is the generated wall shear stress at the surface for one-way FSI analysis. I already calculated these stresses on the surface for each time step in a fluid solver and now I want to solve for the dynamics inside the structure.

I saw that there is “fluid-structure interface” feature. In this feature, it says that “Fluid Solid Interface boundary condition is used to identify the surface region where the transfer of loads to and from external fluid solvers CFX or Fluent occur.”. I thought that this could work yet I couldn’t figure out since I already had the data so I don’t use a fluid solver in Ansys. I tried to export the data by using system coupling and then show this as the result of a fluid solver but I couldn’t achieve it.

How can I accomplish this one-way FSI analysis? Is there a way to import this stress on the surface for every time step while keeping the accumulated stress inside the structure as time goes?

Do you have any advice?  

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