The mesher tried to use a sweep mesh method on some sweepable solids and encountered an error in sweeping, so it used the backup tetrahedral mesh method, successfully meshed the sweepable solid and is able to solve the model.  In other words, you can ignore those errors. A workaround was automatically found.

The issue is the node ring is not a sweepable body, so sweepable bodies that touch it can’t be swept after the node ring is meshed. It’s possible with more work to slice the node ring up so that it is sweepable. If you slice all the solids in the XY plane through the diameter, then the node ring is broken into two half rings. Now sweeping could be done on all solids around the axis from 0 to 180 degrees on half the solids and from 180 to 360 on the other half of the solids. Here is what the mesh looks like after recreating the Virtual Topology.