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This is an indication that something corrupt has occurred to the cell in that project and is often due to certain other connecting parts being deleted previously. When clicking on the cell entry you get a number of error messages that appear like:

”This reference to container Geometry is not valid for use with this project”.

To be able to remove this cell follow these steps:
1) Select the system that contains the bad cell, RMB > Properties, and find the “System ID”. For example, it could be “Geometry”, Here it most likely would RSO or RSO 1 or RSO 2
2) In Workbench go to File\Scripting\Open Command Window.
3) In the Window that opens type:

badSystem = Project.GetSystem(“RSO 2”) # NB. Substitute your own System ID instead of *RSO 2*
badSystem.Components = []

4) You can now close the Command Window and should be able to delete the corrupted system


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