Masataka Nakamura

Basically, you can connect to the license server by specifying the IP of the license server when configuring the software. However, it is a prerequisite that the AGW resource on AWS can communicate with your license server.

There are three common configurations

  1. Using license server on the cloud
    • You can create a new license server in your AWS environment through AGW.
    • If the license server already exists in the cloud, the network settings (routetable, security group…ec) on AWS must be changed to make the license server accessible to AGW resources.
  2. Using license server on-premise
    • Since few allow Internet access to on-premises, a VPN※1 or dedicated line※2 must be used to connect the on-premises to your AWS environment on a private network.
  3. using AEC※3
    • You can also use ANSYS pay-as-you-go license servers located on the Internet.




※1: AWS Site-to-Site VPN

※2: AWS Direct Connect

※3: ANSYS Licensing