Hi Stephen,

Thanks for your input on possible solutions. I’m in contact with an Ansys APDL employee, so hopefully he can help me with option 2, is a code snippet is available. Meanwhile, I’ve been exploring option 3. However, I’m not getting the same interface as you do. In my case (see figure below), I can only presribe the directional forces and it doesn’t use the ‘getPressure’ function. Maybe I’m missing some input for the ‘getPressure’ function, or I’m using a different version of SC as you do. Which version are you using and could you send me a screenshot of the details of the ‘getPressure’ function?

EDIT: in my case, both displacements as force are specified as vector. This explains why I need to evaluate the X,Y and Z directions separately. However, the pressure is a scalar that should be applied perpendicular to the wall. How could this be achieved?