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  1. Are you applying the bolt pretension and the loads (remote force) in the same step or in two different steps? You need to have at least 2 steps when bolt pretension is involved. Step 1: apply the bolt pretension, Step 2: apply other loads on the assembly (it imitates the fact that in real life, we always tighten our bolts first and then subject the assembly to other loads).
  2. Applying bolt pretension cuts the bolt into two parts and pulls them towards each other, creating a tensile force in the bolt. The plane that cuts the bolt into two should not be located in a region where bonded contact is defined because this would mean that the two halves are not allowed to move towards each other. Check the location and ensure it is not in the region where bonded contact is defined.

You may find the following course (especially lesson 2) helpful: Modeling the Bolt and Preload | Ansys Innovation Courses

Hope this helps.