Thank you, but my question is not about the license/resource configuration. I am asking about how to create the jobs in the first place, so that each job (.lms file) does the mode finding and overlap calculation. I believe I must only add .lms files to the job queue (not .lsf script files). Right now, my .lsf script contains commands like findmodes, overlap, etc. But how do I incorporate these into an .lms file only, so that when the job queue runs the .lms file, the modes are found using the FDE solver and the overlap is calculated? In other words, instead of having "findmodes" in my .lsf script, how do I ensure that it is done when the .lms file is run from the job queue? (This question arises because it seems that only simulation files like .lms, .fsp can be added to the job queue, not script .lsf files.) Thanks again for your help!