Rachel Gomez

You could adjust the user limit to decrease the threshold where the limit is reported, however, this should only be done to a reasonable extent.

What to do is your Engineering judgement however, we recommend that the more critical warnings (i.e. those approaching 0.1%) are resolved.

Critical levels will yield an error and must be resolved (i.e. under 0.1%).

This is achieved via the Home ribbon > Project group > Model Settings > Validation page



Locating the error or warning
Double clicking on the error or warning reported in the Project Workspace > Status tree, the software will take you to the area with the issue.

Sometimes the item in question is behind the foremost object in view and may therefore be difficult to find. You may need to rotate the model or hide some items via Scene Content.

The selected item will be marked with a Blue Arrow pointing at its location.

You can also open the Solver View of the floor from the Project Workspace > Structure tree and then select the item in question in the Status tab to aid you in finding the item.

The mesh elements are created automatically by Tekla Structural Designer.

In order to address these warnings, they need to be investigated and the model altered accordingly to allow the software to create better mesh elements.



Rachel Gomez