Hi Imtiaz,

We also tried to simplify our part and see if we could find where the problem is. Here are some points of simplification:

  1. We remove the corrogation and make it a half ellipsoid. Yet, it still fails in the cluster;
  2. We reduce the number of parameters. It still fails in the cluster, too;
  3. In comparison, we also add parameters on the previous testing one, which is a cube created by using "generate mesh tool." This successful model still succed in the cluster. 

All of them can successfully create the kfile with LSPP GUI in the local computer. From these tries, we know that it is highly possible to fail due to the reasons except the number of parameters or the number of lines (i.e. the complexity of the process we create it). 

However, we still do not know where's the problem. Do you have any other recommendations on what kind of other tries we can do or could you please help us to check with LSPP experts?

Thank you so much!