Hello Nikhil thank you for your reply, I actually was about to try your solution and that is when I realized the issue was not due to ANSYS. I will leave how I found the actual issue and my fix so that it may help other people.

I tried to open the assembly again on SolidWorks 2022 to try to export it in “.iges” format. That is when I was prompted with an error message of the sort: “File already open by another user, would you like to open a copy?”. I could only open a copy of the assembly but not the assembly itself, I was also unable to overwrite the original assembly. After further research online, I found that, sometimes, SolidWorks licenses shared among several computers might experience these sorts of issues, which could have been my case but was actually not.

It turned out the actual problem was my Windows 11 Education 22H2 license, for whatever reason, decided to change all of my files and folders to “read-only”. And no matter how much I tried unchecking the “read-only” box option in the files/folders properties, it would automatically revert them back to it.

So to fix this, I looked up a LOT of solutions offered online on how to change files permissions and attributes. I unfortunately do not know which of the options worked for me, but it managed to do the trick.

Hope this helps someone out.