Tingyang Chen
Thanks for helping me.🙏 
The OS info as follow:
Version: Windows 10 Pro
Version number: 21H2
Installation date: 10/14/2021
OS Build: 19044.2130
Experience Windows Feature Experience Pack 120.2212.4180.0
And i carefully read the installaion log file again, there was no error info in log file.
All of these installed sub-software can be runing OK, except for Fluent2022R1.
And i have already uninstall-install ansys2022R1 for several times, but i got the same error as before. Beacuse there are so many software installed on this OS, in another word, the OS environment is not enough pure for ansys, and i can't find which problem cause the error of Fluent. 
I know a method can fix the error, that is re-install the Win10. But that is not possible for me, there are so many important softwares that i need to use currently.
So, i want to find a method to fix the error.
And i try to delete the anaconda' s bin path in OS Environment Variable, because that bin path contain hdf5.dll. After restarting the OS, it pop out a different error dialog when i try to start fluent. The error info as below:
[ launcher1.exe - Application Error
Application does not start properly (Oxc000007b). Click OK to close the application. ]
Confined to my narrow knowlede of OS, i don't konw how to fix it. Can you give me some advise?
Thanks sincerely!