Sahil Sura
Ansys Employee

Hi Hendrawan Ariefudin,
There can be several ways for this error to be addressed.
One of which is mesh refinement.You might also access the element which has failed/distorted and you may want to refine the mesh for the respective face.
Also, try checking the contact status using the contact tool (This helps to detect the flaws in contact before solving the actual analysis) and correct the contact using interference treatments, definitions, detection methods, etc. Contact Tool ( Connecting Parts Together - ANSYS Innovation Courses
Updating the 'Auto Time stepping' options in analysis settings might be helpful. If you've been using time step, then try reducing the step size and if you're using substeps, then try increasing the number of substeps. This ensures a gradual loading with small increments over each substep.

">Understanding Large Deflection Analysis in Ansys Mechanical - YouTube Step Controls for Static and Transient Analyses (

If faced any other errors, the following document might help address them Troubleshooting (
A similar example can be also found as follows- Analysis of an O-ring Seal — Lesson 3 - ANSYS Innovation Courses

Hope this helps.

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