Sheldon Imaoka
Ansys Employee

Hi Leong Ka Peng,

Ansys Mechanical won't calculate the mixture properties for you - if you can assume the mixture as a continuum, you need to get the structural properties of the mixture. Is the mixture affecting the friction coefficient?  That is not something that is calculated from Ansys Mechanical - you need to determine the coefficient of friction separately, as it is an input parameter.  In re-reading your email, you indicated you're looking for 'force distribution and friction coefficient'.  Friction coefficient is actually an input you need to have beforehand.

If you are looking at the interaction of the gravel/soil/sand particles with the tire, then another tool is needed since we are no longer assuming a continuum if you are looking at how the particles affect the coefficient of friction, for example.  Ansys Rocky may be a better tool if you are looking at how the gravel/soil/sand particles are affecting the tire.