Leong Ka Peng

Hi sir,

ok, so I have to have the input parameters of the sand myself, since the system won't help calculate it for me, right?

For clarification, the system will only be able to help calculate the interaction such as the friction force and force distribution between the sand mixture and the tire, right?

i have obtained some of the sand mixture input properties from relevant articles, so can i use that instead? An example of a sand mixture being the table below:

Modulus of Elasticity (kN/m2)3.5 * 10620000016700029000
Poisson's ratio (μ)0.450.350.30.3
C (kN/m2)0.1100.1
ϕ degree303535
dry unit weight (kN/m3)

if i need to input it, what will the situation with the sand be considered as? and what part of ansys will i need to use? such as ansys workbench/static structural/fluent/etc. since i am using the student version, as i would like to test a static friction and the rotating friction of the wheel on the sand mixture 

thank you sir for your time and help, and sorry for any inconvenience caused.