Hi Reno,

thanks for reply. We run Ansys 2022 R2. So, indeed, Rocky Linux 8.5 that we run indeed is not supported. When I have installed Ansys 2022 R2, I did modify the installer shell script to add the Rocky 8.5 by simply adding the "rocky"OS ID along the "centos" ID. I don't recall having changed any versions, but, I do understand that if you have not QA'd on CentOS 8.5 (Rocky 8 should be binary compatible with CentOS 8), then we may be out of luck on the 8.5 until you start supporting it.

Any plans to support newer CentOS 8 / RHEL 8 releases in the future Ansys release, and when is it scheduled to be released?

Still, I was hoping that there is some verbose mode that I could use to see the issue, I suspect it's something silly that we could fix locally, like incorrect parameters to the MPI launcher.