I see, thanks for sending the roadmap. I see that RHEL 8.5 is supported, so, likely that's why I was able to install after hacking in the "rocky" in the install script. RHEL and Rocky Linux should be binary compatible. Perhaps as a feedback for your roadmap discussions - it may be good to include Rocky Linux in your support in lieu of CentOS as most of the HPC community that used CentOS is moving to Rocky. It's cost prohibitive for us to license RHEL at this point (we used to run RHEL but moved to CentOS after they started charging per node license fees).

I can run the commands so I am curious what can I do in the Ansys installation directory to make this work. I suspect it's a bit of a looking for a needle in a haystack, so, perhaps to help you may know if there's a code somewhere in the Ansys Mech installation that runs all the commands that get executed after one hits the "Solve" button in the Mech GUI? That may be a good start.