Reno Genest
Ansys Employee

Hello Martin,

Thank you for the feedback; we do see more customers trying to run Ansys or LS-DYNA on Rocky Linux.

The question about files to modify would be for our installation support engineers, but because your version of Linux is not supported, they would be reluctant to answer.

I use Ansys on Windows and on my machine, the ANSYS222 executable is located here:

C:\Program Files\ANSYS Inc\v222\ansys\bin\winx64

It should be similar on Linux. There you will find some files that could be modified. 

Before you do that, after clicking "Solve" in the Mechanical interface and getting the error message, if you right click on the Solution branch and choose "Open Solver Files Directory", do you see anything in that directory that could help us troubleshoot the problem? There might be a file with a meaningful error message.