Filip Parol

switching to only 8 cores without gpu accelleration it take significantly longer to solve but the writing time is normal. althout i get this warrning:

*** WARNING ***                         CP =    5295.719   TIME= 14:05:32
 During this session the elapsed time exceeds the CPU time by 71%.      
 Often this indicates either a lack of physical memory (RAM) required   
 to efficiently handle this simulation or it indicates a particularly   
 slow hard drive configuration.  This simulation can be expected to run 
 faster on identical hardware if additional RAM or a faster hard drive  
 configuration is made available.  For more details, please see the     
 ANSYS Performance Guide which is part of the ANSYS Help system.


Total CPU time for main thread                    :     3178.6 seconds
Total CPU time summed for all threads             :     5295.7 seconds

Solver uses 25GB out of 64 avelible RAM, i think partialy long elapsed time is due to contact element and fracter parameter creation, can it be righte?

But still it dasn't explain why with gpu accelleration it take 3-4h to "write results file".

PS. i have Samsung evo 970 Pro SSD drive