Chandra Sekaran
Ansys Employee

you cannot use 'lcfile,2,file,mcom'. file.mcom is not a load case file. It has APDL command instructions to combine various modes. 

a) The SPRS results are obtained by squaring mode shapes and taking square root. So all the signs are lost. So you may want to do SRSS of static and SPRS results.Refer to for documentation on load case operations

b) below is a version to simply add static and sprs results. You will need to modify this to do the SRSS.


/input,file,mcom    ! combine modes to get sprs results

lcwrite,2  ! write the combined results as load case 2

file,....   ! point to the static results file

set,last  ! read the last set of static results

lcoper,add,2   ! add the results in database with load case 2