Hello Sean, thank you for your answer.

I looked into the tutorial provided by Cornell, and a significant difference I noted is that it consider the half-space as a rigid body (single element + fixed support). In my case, I am mostly interested in the deformation and stresses in the half-space (it is a Zirconia sphere pressed against a Stainless Steel plate). It has also some customization in the contact definition, which I tried but unfortunately did not help me.

I have also looked into the loading lesson you suggested, which was really helpful! But, once again, the suggest methods did not help the solver to run. I tried adjusting the contact to touch and also the stabilization damping; and set the solver to perform 50 substeps, but none of them worked.

Other things I tried was changing the 2D behavior from Plane Strain to Axisymmetric, fixing the sphere and loading the halfspace, adding new faces to the bodies to better define contact edges. None of them worked either.

If you have any other ideas, I would be really glad to hear them, because I am really struggling on how to do it.