George Karnos
Ansys Employee
Check your license file for TECS Date
Looking at the increment lines in your license file:
INCREMENT preppost ansyslmd 9999.9999 31-jul-2023 10 
9999.9999 would be the TECS Date (Only programs created on or before this date will be able to use this increment)
31-July-2023 - Expiration Date

INCREMENT agppi ansyslmd 2020.1014 permanent 6
2020.1014 - Only programs created on or before October 14, 2020 will be able to use this Increment
Permanent - no expiration

More than likely: 2022 uses the ansyslmd.exe communication.
Older versions use the ANSYS Interconnect.
Please check the firewalls to ensure access to the licensing port 1056 as well as 1055 and 2325.
You can set ansyslmd to a static port 1056 by adding it in the license file on the VENDOR line.
(c:\Program files\Ansys Inc\shared files\licensing\license_files\ansyslmd.lic)
For example:
VENDOR ansyslmd PORT=1056
After doing so, restart the license manager.
Now try to run.
If it does not, check the %TEMP%\.ansys directory for licdebug file erors for the program trying to be run.
$HOME/.ansys for linux