Sean Harvey
Ansys Employee

Hello Henrique,

So this was a good finding. It shows that the contact is not being properly detected.  You showed the result at time = 1.0  So, you can right click on solution information and insert a contact tracker of type "Number Contacting"  So as you make changes, while the solution is running you can monitor this tracker "live" to see if contact is taking place.

With that said, can you share what the contact tracker is showing?  The contact side is typically set to contact to report these results but please also share once you have switched to target. (So two plots)  If the contact behavior is default this means auto-asymmetric and the contact/target can flip by the solver.

To me, the contact setup looks correct.  SpaceClaim vs DesignModeler should not matter nor the other setting.

There is stress in the lower plate, so some force transfer is taking place. Can you also share a plot of just the lower plate stress at first result substep and last (time = 1.0)

Thank you.