Maximilian Pochapski

Ok, I tested all the commands both on the subnet and on the larger university network. This is the results from each:

Subnet (where the licensing server is connected to directly):

  • ping works with the licensing servers hostname, no need for port forwarding to the router as both the macbook Im working from and the licensing server are on the same network. 
  • Since Im on macbook, I have to use the 'Test-Connection' command instead of 'Test-NetConnection'. I ran the following command for each port using powershell, installed via brew:
  • Test-Connection -ComputerName servername -TcpPort 1056

  • 1056 was False, 1055 and 2325 returned True. 

University Network (above the subnet):

  • Test-Connection fails when I use the same commands when I use the same '-ComputerName servername' parameter (ie. does not even return a True/False statement)
  • Using the IP address of the router for the subnet instead (as listed in the router settings), 2325, 1055 both fail but 1056 returns True. This makes sense since I have only port-forwarded 1056.  

Additonally, while I am debugging the network connection through mac, I have a windows machine running a linux VM that I will be remoting into that has Ansys Maxwell installed. 

Sorry for the late reply, I'll be responding around weekends as that's usually when my schedule is the least busy.