Mike Rife
Ansys Employee

hasanilkerceliker The link that Erik provided above shows how to do this, generally speaking, in MAPDL.  There is one big thing to keep in mind: when running MAPDL in SMP parallel mode the results are kept in memory, while in DMP parallel they are not (until read in with the SET command during post processing).

So let's say your criteria for killing the elements is "A" (you've not yet defined that).  Then some psuedo APDL to solve this would be:


*do,...  loop over time in some time increments

apply load


select nodes that meet "A", then elements attached to those selected nodes.  Maybe unselect from this set the nodes/elements that have loads or boundary conditions applied if needed.

ekill elements

select everything

*enddo....close do loop

The node selection can be by result if running SMP parallel.  Test out a simple model that uses same physics.