Hello Sheldon, 

Thank you for your reply. That makes a lot more sense to me now. A follow up question I had is that if the apdl commands TB,CHAB and TB,CHABOCHE the same or do they achieve different pruposes?

 I needed insight on another query that I had. I have been trying to perform some cyclic loading on a recatngular bar by constaring one end and applying a cyclic load such that plsatic deformation is observed. My sample's total length is 100 mm and the cyclic load I apply ramps up to 1.5 mm displacement on the unconstrained end over a period of 50 seconds and then unloads to 0 mm displacement on that end. When this process repeats on the second cycle, I observed (in the results after the soultion is finished) that the sample tends to buckle out of shape very significantly. I do not thing this is intended and wanted your input as to what do you think the issue mmight be? 

Please let me know if you would need more detail to respond to that or if I should make a new post with that second issue and what extra detail I can add. 

Thank you for your help!