Mike Rife
Ansys Employee

Hi Pirelli93 et al

What is happening is that WB Mechanical is not 'aware' of what a Commands Object is doing with respect to the FEM.  Mechanical is writing out the FEM based on its model tree, but the Commands Object is changing the FEM but only when the model is being solved.  So you can imagine when Mechanical is post-processing beams from their sections nodes (in order to plot seqv) the numbering on the result file does not match what Mechanical expects.

Let's say the model was two cantilever beams 36 inches long and 1x1 inch square cross section aligned with global X.  The default mesh is kept on beam one, so it has 4 section "elements" and 9 nodes.  Whereas beam two has 6x6 section mesh so 49 section nodes.

Fixed one end of the beams and load the other with 100lb axial and 250 in-lb moment about global z.

Change to post process beam section results:

And post process SEQV

We can see that the beam in the upper right is correct (default section mesh) and the one in the lower left is not (CO to change section mesh).  This is expected as Mechanical thinks beam 2 has 9 section nodes whereas it has 49.  Instead post-process by Material ID so it's a more direct read/presentation of the results:


And the results are as expected.