Lorraine Olson

Unable to import the specified geometry into SpaceClaim 

(from Solidworks into SpaceClaim, through Workbench)

I am using Solidworks 2022-2023 and have created a basic part, saved as a SLDPRT.  When I use workbench and Geometry -> Import Geometry I get a green check mark, but when I double-click to open the geometry I get "Unable to import the specified geometry into SpaceClaim. Input file version not supported." 

I tried the solidworks "save as Parasolid" V30 fix I found in these posts, but that is an unsatisfying solution for software that costs this much.  

Even though I am a professor at a engineering school that pays a lot of money for this software, they now tell me that I am not entitled to support beyond posting questions on this forum.  Also unsatisfying.