Ashish Khemka
Ansys Employee

Hi Sarvesh,


For technical support, you should have TECS: Technical Enhancements and Customer Support (TECS) | Ansys

The error is element distortion. Try using a finer linear mesh. You can start iterations with a coarser mesh and then try to refine the mesh. 

Define substeps/ timestep size for each step. This will help you to increment the load slowly. Also, please check in which step are you experiencing this issue.

Having more substeps help. Please refer these links for more on substeps:

You don’t wanna step to this: Breaking down Loadsteps and Substeps in ANSYS Mechanical - PADT (

ANSYS Step Controls in Structural Analyses (

">ANSYS Mechanical Tips & Tricks: Changing Multiple Load Step Settings - YouTube


Also, these courses might help you:


How to Perform Curve-fitting for Hyperelastic Material Models — Lesson 1 - ANSYS Innovation Courses


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Ashish Khemka