Ok, I retuned some parameters and increased my geometry sizes. I'm getting some solutions, but the wire overall is not moving:

You can see the insert going in and bending the wire piece, however the wire ends are not moving. All my contacts are frictionless. The wire here is nitinol (austensitic so superelastic). I have the following settings under static structural constraints:

  • Displacement of the arched push piece - body - 10 steps at 1 second for 1 mm each
  • Fixed support - body - of thick 'sheath'
  • Displacement - of top face of wire (couldn't select body): X-Free, Y - 0 (to constrain motion in the Y), Z - Free

I imagine theres something tricky going on with the supports/constraints that I'm missing. I expect the ends of the wire to get pulled in to align with the inner edges of the sheath due to the superelastic properties of the wire to start to bend, however there is only local bending occuring here.

- Should I focus on doing this analysis under a transient structural setting instead as maybe the static structural doesn't like the large displacements? Why isn't it bending properly (only locally)?