Hi, Thanks for your answer.

If we have a monitor in XY plane(cartesian), then to calculate far-field XZ and YZ domain we should set angle phi as 0 and +90, respectively in the following function?


E_ff_polar = farfieldspherical(E_ff,ux,uz,theta,phi);


and to see polar FF in XY plane, the following should be the way?


theta = linspace(-90,90,180);

phi = linspace(0,360,360);

Theta = meshgridx(theta,phi);

Phi = meshgridy(theta,phi);

E_ff_polar = farfieldspherical(E_ff,ux,uy,Theta,Phi);

E_ff_polar = reshape(E2_angle, [length(theta), length(phi)]);

theta_polar = 0; # what should be this angle for XY plane 0 or 90?

E_ff_polar = E_ff_polar(theta_polar,:)


legend("XY plane");


The function reshape(), here gives noise at the corners?


And how do we interpret the direction of the angle from the polar plot for a given XY, XZ or YZ domain? Will the conventions explained in the Mie scattering example (section Far-field angular scattering) in the following article be valid here as well?