Andi Ko
  1. In the original image, A is fixed support and B is joint load - rotational velocity (but it turns out that the velocity can only reach 100 rpm, maybe my analysis setting is wrong, so I don't use this method)
  2. Now, there are three boundary conditions I set. fixed support, moment load (locknut), joint load-displacement (moving plate will move 3.5mm every 0.025s) so in 1 sec there are 40 steps (displacement)
  3. No, the spindle only threaded for and until the locknut
  4. No, the ring and spindle have no thread
  5. In the actual machine, the ring placed on another support below the ring
  6. I get it, I'll change to frictional
  7. first locknut is tightened then the plate hits the ring to cause a vibration